Tips For Buying Caviar Online

Caviar is known all around the world as a culinary delicacy. While high-quality caviar costs thousands of dollars per pound, there are plenty of other options to fit any budget. 

If you love caviar and want to serve some at an event you are hosting, then buying your caviar online is simple and a good way to ensure you get the best deal. To this end, here are some tips for buying caviar online:

Tip: Buy Caviar Only from Sturgeon Fish

Though you will see "caviar" sold that doesn't come from sturgeon fish, you should avoid buying it. Caviar is technically salt-cured sturgeon roe, and other types of fish eggs, though edible, aren't technically caviar. Some common examples are the roe of flying fish, salmon, and paddlefish.

Russia and Israel produce some of the world's best caviar, including from fish like Osetra sturgeons, Beluga sturgeons, and Sevruga sturgeons, which are from the Caspian Sea. These sturgeons are considered to have the best quality caviar in the world.

Tip: Stick with the Brands You Already Know

Since you already have some experience with caviar and know what brands you like, it's best to stick with those when ordering online. If you want to try new brands, then you are better off doing so in person so you don't have to make the commitment of purchasing a full tin of it.

Tip: Understand that Price Doesn't Always Equate to Quality 

When it comes to caviar, the taste can vary wildly from one tin to another, and the flavor will depend largely on how the eggs were matured and processed. In fact, some less expensive caviars actually win out over their more expensive competitors in taste tests. Regardless of the size of your caviar shopping budget, you can purchase caviar online you will love and that won't empty out your checking account in the process. Start with the less expensive options and work your way up rather than assuming a higher price always equals better caviar because often this isn't the case.

Tip: Choose a Supplier Who Protects the Caviar During Shipping

It's important to note caviar is a delicate food and doesn't tolerate freezing or excessive heat very well. For this reason, you must order it from a supplier who will take special steps to protect its quality during shipping. Finally, if you are ordering caviar during the heat of summer or the frozen days of winter, then request overnight delivery.

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