Edible Orchids Are The Perfect Addition To Fancy And Informal Meals

Plant blooms have been used as garnishes for soups, salads, and desserts for many years and are prevalent in dishes that are served in countries around the world. If you are hosting a dinner party or if you are just an adventurous person and would like to add a new spin to tried-and-true dishes, purchase some edible orchids and put them to the test.

Retailers Sell Orchids That Are Ready For Consumption

You do not need to purchase a bunch of orchid plants in order to acquire the blooms that you desire. Plants are pleasant to look at, and it would be a shame to clip the flowers from your personal plant collection. Instead, purchase a package of orchids that are ready for consumption.

Blooms will be shipped fresh to you, and you will be informed of the region where the flowers were acquired from. Commercial retailers ship edible flowers in clear containers that can be refrigerated. Avoid freezing the orchids because this could affect the color and texture of each bloom once the thawing process is complete.

Be sure to check the expiration date on the package so that the blooms do not wilt prior to using them. Handle each bloom with care. Orchids are beautiful but fairly delicate. Rinse each flower with cool water. If you plan on garnishing a dessert or entree and want the finished creation to look perfect, use a pair of tongs or your fingertips to pick each bloom up by its top. Lightly press the flowers on top of each dish.

Orchids Are An Acquired Taste

Just like other edible flowers, orchids are an acquired taste. If you are fond of leafy vegetables, such as watercress or cabbage, you will experience a similar texture when you bite into an orchid bloom. You do not need to eat the blooms in the form that you receive them in. If you are going to cook some Asian cuisine or if you are going to be serving up some homemade meatloaf, pan fry or deep fry the blooms to give them a different texture and to amplify the way that they taste.

You can also sprinkle salt, pepper, or any other spice that you prefer on top of each bloom. When you first try orchids, chew each bite slowly. Feel the way that the petals integrate with the other ingredients that you have used. Do you notice an improvement in the food and enjoy the newfound taste and texture? If so, you will likely decide to purchase more edible orchids and may even want to try out some other edible flower varieties.