How To Buy Caviar Online

Caviar is considered a rare treat in many culinary traditions. Caviar eggs are harvested from fish and eaten raw. It's a delicacy that you can serve at a party or enjoy whenever you desire. Here are four tips you can use to purchase caviar online:

1. Select the right type of caviar.

There are several types of caviar you can find and taste. Each variety is harvested from a different type of fish. Depending on the species of fish egg it represents, individual pieces of caviar may be large or small. Some varieties of caviar are a bright, vibrant orange while others are a shining, deep black. Caviar will taste slightly different depending on the type you purchase. Russian osetra caviar is highly prized. It is dark brown or black and has a rich, buttery flavor that some people describe as nutty. It's an excellent choice for long-time caviar enthusiasts and beginners alike.

2. Purchase caviar from a nearby vendor.

When purchasing caviar online, you have the opportunity to buy it from anywhere in the world. However, it may be worth your while to choose vendors who ship caviar from ports close to your home. Lessening the shipping distance will reduce the shipping costs you pay. It's a common misconception that Russian osetra caviar must be harvested in Russia. Since Russian osetra is a type of fish, this variety of caviar can be produced anywhere osetra can be caught.

3. Stock up on caviar.

You can further reduce your shipping costs by purchasing several servings of Russian osetra caviar in one order. Caviar can be stored in the refrigerator for up to six weeks as long as the packaging is unopened. If you eat caviar regularly, order as much caviar as you expect to eat within six weeks. Remember to account for any guests you might serve during this time. Make sure you eat caviar quickly as soon as the can is opened. Caviar can only last for a few days once it has been exposed to air.

4. Make sure you're home to receive your caviar order.

When you order Russian osetra caviar online, it will be delivered by mail. Dry ice is used to ensure your caviar is fresh and unspoiled when it reaches you. Make sure you're home to receive your delivery. You'll need to place your caviar in the refrigerator as soon as possible to prevent spoilage.