Own a Restaurant? 3 Great Reasons to Put Gelato on the Menu

Prized in Italy, gelato is a delicious variety of ice cream that uses more milk and less cream than American ice creams. Mixed with everything, from cherries and crushed nuts, to chocolate shavings, gelato is a universally popular dessert choice. Here are three great reasons to put gelato on your restaurant menu.

1. Dress Up Your Dessert Menu

While most people love ice cream, including a dish of ice cream as a dessert on your menu may not be as impressive as other dessert choices. On the other hand, listing gelato as an option, with colorful descriptions of the flavor notes, creaminess, and garnishes, might make your dessert menu look a little more dressed up. Consider updating all of the desserts on your dessert menu to reflect your high-end establishment, to improve your sales in that area.

2. Save on Labor

Custom-made cheesecakes are delicious and plated desserts make a fantastic presentation, but how much time is your kitchen staff spending putting those dishes together? One of the greatest things about gelato is the fact that anyone with a food handler's permit and an ice cream scoop can dish some into a bowl and create a delicious dessert—making it faster and easier to serve large numbers of guests at once. 

Additionally, since gelato is so easy to serve, you may quickly find that your employees have plenty of additional time to handle other important tasks, such as cleaning, rolling silverware, or preparing their areas for new guests. 

3. Lower Your Food Costs

Ordering wholesale gelato is also a great way to keep food costs low. As an added bonus, gelato is easy to store and has a long shelf life when kept in the freezer, helping you to keep food costs for your dessert menu as low as possible. 

Keep in mind that food costs, especially tied to scooped desserts like gelato, can get out of control fast if you have employees being overly generous with serving sizes. Train your employees carefully to make sure they know how much gelato to be offering up, and conduct audits once in a while to check for outliers. 

If gelato sounds like something that would work well for your restaurant, talk with wholesale suppliers in your area. In addition to talking with you about costs and delivery timeframes, some wholesale gelato providers may also keep you up-to-date about the latest flavors they carry, making it easy to change up the dessert menu at your restaurant. 

For more information about wholesale gelato, reach out to a specialty food distributor.